Decorate a Notebook Cover


Over the weekend, I decorated my Muji notebook with my Muji pen.

The weather was below freezing that day but that didn’t stop me from trekking to my favorite café in pursuit of a well-made soy latte and cozy window seat. A middle-aged man sat down next to me and commented on my artwork; then we started talking about Jean-Michel Basquiat. Meanwhile, a terribly awkward first date was unfolding to our immediate right.

The process of making this doodle was quite simple—first I lightly sketched out the letters in pencil, just to plan out the composition; then I started outlining them to add thickness. I was going for an inky, brush stroke vibe, as if the letters were carelessly whipped together, so I left bubbles and gaps of space to create that look and also give a bit of a 3D illusion. Coloring it all in with black ink was the most fun part. THE MOST FUN! (Erasing, however, was not—Muji ink does not dry so fast that you can immediately begin to erase pencil parks. I had to wait at least a few hours before I could clean it up.)


To top it all off, I added scattered dots here and there to give it an ink splatter vibe.